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  1. From Novice to Expert – Understanding the learning journey Whether you are a student or an educator understanding the processes through which people learn is an empowering experience. More complex than it first appears the learning process is a journey through which the human brain learns to perceive, interpret and process information … read full article

  2. Disaster DNA – Decoding the DNA of failed technology projects Ineffective decision making, dysfunctional decision making and the problems that inhibit effective communications are the common problems that cause projects to fail.  In this feature article some of the common ailments that affect the decision making within the team are reviewed … read full article

  3. Intellectual Infrastructure Being manager of a software development organization can be a stressful role. Failure rates among technology projects are higher than any other type of mainstream project.  In an article that looks at the practices of some of the most effective software development organizations, the role of management in building a base from which success is built is considered … read full article

  4. The Story Behind the High Failure Rates in the IT Sector It’s an age old question, are technology projects (especially those with signficant software development activities), somehow different from other types of project? People have argued both sides of this one, but the following article gives an interesting new perspective that may answer the question once and for all … read full article