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Projects are an integral part of today’s business world. Used as tools for implementing strategy, as the means for creating new products and as vehicles for bringing about change, projects are the stepping-stones of forward progress. Reports indicate that as much as 25% of the world’s total GDP is spent on project type work. To ensure returns on those investments, more and more organizations are using Project Management methods to help them plan, manage, organize and control their projects.

Project Management encompasses a set of processes and practices that are used to structure project work. Among other things, Project Management helps ensure that projects are properly defined, project work is approached systematically and logically, decision making is optimized and efforts are properly coordinated. When combined with the leadership of a skilled Project Manager, Project Management practices ensure the efficient use of resources and help maximize the value of the benefits from the investments made.

Why take a Project Management course?

Unfortunately many organizations have found out what happens when a project is poorly managed. Eating up time, money and resources, such projects can quickly run out of control. Sadly, stories of failed projects are easy to find. Costly for the organization and stressful for the individuals involved, failed projects can have lasting consequences. Lost opportunities, financial losses, loss of market position and damaged reputations are all potential outcomes when a project fails.

The starting point for avoiding such problems lies in proper education. Appropriate for anyone working in a project environment, a foundation course in Project Management helps people develop the knowledge and skills needed to ensure project success.

Once mastered, those who have demonstrated that they have the skills to lead projects successfully are those that are most valued by employers. The abilities to organize a project, get people to work together, build a shared vision and make things happen, are all capabilities that organizations want from their employees. Helping people develop their careers and opening new doors, the skill to lead projects successfully is becoming an essential part of today’s professional toolkit.

About the course

The ‘Project Management: Leading Successful Projects‘ course from Canadian Academic Partners is a 12-week online foundational course requiring approximately 100-120 hours of effort to complete. Going beyond theory from the books, the course acknowledges that managing projects in today’s organizations is more complex than simple textbooks imply. Designed by practitioners for practitioners, the course acknowledges the challenges involved in running projects in today’s world. Helping you develop the skills to overcome these challenges, the course draws upon the best in class ideas in Project Management. Compatible with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (the PMBoK® Guide) published by the Project Management Institute, the course also draws upon best of breed ideas from around the world. Content includes:

  1. A comprehensive competency model outlining the skills needed to lead successful projects
  2. Lectures covering the full knowledge base needed to perform the Project Management role, and content supported by more than 100 diagrams and illustrations to highlight key information
  3. Participatory discussion forums to share experiences and learn as a class
  4. Weekly mini-quizzes to help you verify understanding
  5. A full set of templates for use in creating the Project Management documents used to plan and manage a project
  6. Sample documents that include commentary to explain how to use the key templates
  7. Practical hints and tips
  8. Activities that will help you develop a personalized roadmap for ongoing skills development.

About your tutor

To help maximum your learning opportunity, classes are supported and facilitated by, online tutors. Our team of Canada based tutors all have experience running projects in an international context and are senior Project Managers who have attained certification in Project Management. All tutors:

  1. Have at least 15 years of practical experience in project environments
  2. Focus on the practical application of Project Management techniques
  3. Help promote discussion and learning by facilitating the weekly discussions and review of assignments
  4. Are personally vetted, trained and tested by Canadian Academic Partners before joining the tutoring team.

Why choose Canadian Academic Partners?

Canadian Academic courses are written by practitioners, for practitioners. Going beyond the hard-to-follow theory from a textbook or guide that is the basis for some online Project Management courses, Canadian Academic courses recognize the realities of today’s busy and complex work environments. Enrolling through one of our partner universities will provide you with a strong base of core principles and processes along with pragmatic advice on how to apply your knowledge to real world projects.

When looking for a Project Management course there are a number of factors you should consider. Table 1 below outlines the critical elements you should look for when choosing an online Project Management course.

Table 1 – Critical elements in choosing an online
Project Management course

Critical element Canadian Academic
1 Written by practitioners for practitioners Yes
2 Content that goes beyond the limited theory from a textbook or a guide Yes
3 Support of fully trained and experienced tutors Yes
4 Covers both Project Management processes and project leadership skills Yes
5 Opportunity to network, interact and learn with other students Yes
6 A flexible learning environment that helps accommodate your busy work schedule Yes

Who should attend?

You don’t have to be a Project Manager to find yourself in a situation in which you are managing projects. Professionals in a broad range of job roles are finding that leading projects is becoming a part of their professional lives. The ‘Leading Projects Successfully’ course is suitable for:

  1. People working in a project environment who see the need to improve their skills
  2. Those already leading projects who want to formalize their knowledge
  3. Those who want to work towards taking a Project Management role
  4. Team members who want to understand the project environment better
  5. Managers and Executives overseeing projects or Project Managers
  6. Anyone wanting to strengthen their professional toolkit.

For additional information visit our FAQ page. For information about course registrations please contact us. For students in Mexico, Central America, South America or the Caribbean you may contact us through the main “contact us” page or through our local distribution partner using the following form “Latin America enquiries

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