The following list includes frequently asked questions about Project Management, about online learning and about the course itself.  For a broader outline of the course and why it is of value in today’s job market please visit our main student page.  Should you have additional questions please feel free to contact us:

  1. Q – Is the course compatible with industry best practices such as those from the Project Management Institute (PMI®) or European PRINCE2® methodology?
    A- Yes, the course is compatible with industry best practices.  Note however that the course goes beyond just the processes of Project Management and will help you understand the skills needed to successfully lead projects as well.
  2. Q – Does the course cover agile Project Management practices or is it focused on more traditional Project Management practices?
    A –  Reviewing both agile approaches as well as the more traditional methods, the course provides a comprehensive review of Project Management. Recognizing that different projects require different approaches, the course will help you decide which approach is best suited to your needs.
  3. Q – Do I do the course alone or will there be other students?
    A – You will share your learning experience with a group of other students.  Giving you the opportunity to network with other people, the group approach enhances the learning opportunity and creates an online community through which experiences are shared.
  4. Q – Is there anyone I can turn to when I have questions during the course?
    A – Yes, you will have direct access to an online tutor who will support you during the course. Your tutor will facilitate discussions, answer questions and provide feedback on assignments and activities.
  5. Q – Are the tutors qualified Project Managers?
    A – All tutors are experienced Project Managers who have a minimum of 15 years of real world experience. In addition, all tutors have achieved professional certification and know from experience what it takes to make a project a success.
  6. Q – Do I need to buy any additional textbooks?
    A – No, the course is fully self-contained.
  7. Q – I’ve never done an online course before. How is online learning different from the traditional classroom environment?
    A – With today’s tools, online learning has become a fun and engaging and interactive experience. More flexible than in-person training, online learning allows you to choose where and when you study. Because you control the flow of learning, many people find that they are more comfortable participating in online classes, than they are in more traditional settings. As a result, more people contribute to class and discussions are enhanced.
  8. Q – Is online learning as effective as face-to-face learning?
    A – Studies have shown that online learning can in fact be more effective that face-to-face learning. In face-to-face learning the student is often on the receiving end of a large volume of spoken information but has lesser opportunity to interact with the ideas being presented. In the online world, the student is more engaged and plays a larger role in the learning process.
  9. Q – How much effort is required to complete the course?
    A – The course is a 12-week part-time course.  The course requires approximately 8 to 10 hours a week to complete.
  10. Q – Will I get a certificate of completion when I complete the course?
    A – Yes, certificates of completion are awarded to students who successfully complete the course.
  11. Q – Are there assignments to be completed?
    A – Yes, to help ensure you have understood the course materials there are assignments you will need to complete.  Your tutor will provide you guidance and feedback on your assignments.  The feedback received will further aid your understanding of how to apply the practices learned to real world projects.
  12. Q – I sometimes travel to places where the Internet connection is at a slower speed. Do I need a high-speed connection to use the course?
    A – The course can be completed with a lower speed connection, however the experience will be enhanced if you have access to a higher speed connection.  Video content may not be full accessible if you have a very low speed connection.
  13. Q – Can I use my Smartphone to access the course?
    A – Yes, the course can be accessed via a Smartphone. It is recommended that assignments be completed on a laptop, net-book or desktop, but all content can be accessed and read on a Smartphone.
  14. Q – Why is the Canadian Academic course better than other Project Management courses that are available in the market?
    A – The Canadian Academic course was designed by practitioners for practitioners. The course is focused on delivering pragmatic advice about how to lead projects rather than simply repeating the theory found in many books, guides or lower quality courses. Blending an in-depth understanding of Project Management practice with practical advice on how to apply it, the Canadian Academic Partner course help you develop both the knowledge and skills needed by today’s employers.

For a broader outline of the course and why it is of value in today’s job market please visit our main student page or read our e-brochure.

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